Ready or Not (2019) Movie Review

Ready or Not was released earlier this year and was directed by Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett. Some came out of this film somewhat disappointed, however I did not feel that way at all.

The huge positive aspect of this film is what everyone else has said: Samara Weaving. She played the bride named Grace, and she was absolutely phenomenal. She carried the whole film on her back and had several amazing moments. I cannot praise her enough for how well she did in this film. The next huge positive of the movie was the plot of the film. While it was very simple, it was also unlike anything we have really seen before. A bride being forced to play hide and seek on the night of her wedding and not knowing that others are trying to kill her. While it is a very suspenseful plot, it also allows for several hilarious moments which were great to see. The next positive is that they didn’t take themselves too seriously while making it. The film continuously throws comedy at the audience and they do a great job with it. They never force it into our faces, but rather pick great times to enter it to make for a good laugh. The final positive to me was the ending. Others disliked it, however I was sitting in the theater laughing out loud hysterically for several minutes. I thought it was the perfect ending and I didn’t expect it at all. They chose something so unpredictable, yet so funny, that it was just amazing to see.

The main negative aspect of the film is that there was never really a huge showdown between her and the family. While the film does end with her being victorious, we never really get to see her face off everyone. The film kind of just ends and I wish that they could have added a few more sequences of them battling it out.

This is a very short review as I completely loved this movie. If you are a fan of horror, or even comedy, I think that you will love this film. Every aspect of it was done well and I walked out with a huge smile on my face.

Rating- 9 out of 10 on the scale of awesomeness.

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Hate Crime (2019) Movie Review

Hate Crime is a film from TriCoast Studios that will be released digitally on September 24, 2019. It is directed by Steven Esteb and focuses around a husband and wife after their son is set for execution for murdering his gay friend. They each have to deal with the regrets and fears that they have and own up to their role in this traumatic event. During that time they also meet the father of the boy that their son killed. It is a very emotional film that offers a story that happens quite often, but tells it from the perspective of the parents. The film also offers deep insights into the many controversies surrounding homosexuality.

The huge positive aspect of this movie is the cast. The film features John Schneider, Amy Redford, Laura Cayouette, and Kevin Bernhardt. These actors and actresses all delivered incredible performances. Throughout the movie there is yelling, crying, and a lot of heartfelt scenes. All of them were incredibly realistic as the cast was phenomenal. There was never a moment in the film where I was disappointed in the acting and that is a key element in a very emotional movie like this.

Source: TriCoast Entertainment

Another great thing about Hate Crime is the significance of the story that it tells. While it mainly focuses on two parents, it also heavily addresses the many social stigmas of homosexuality. It deals with a father who couldn’t accept his son’s homosexuality which I think is a topic that can relate with a lot of people. I think that this story is very important during our current age where people are becoming more comfortable with their sexuality. This movie deals with that situation and gives off the message that as parents you need to be able to accept who your child is so that they aren’t afraid to tell you. The film is also shot beautifully as there are several scenes where the shot lingers on to emphasize the moment and importance.

The only mixed aspect of the movie was the pacing. There were certain sequences that became a little boring as the parents were just talking for about 5 straight minutes. These scenes probably could have been cut down some, but in the end it wasn’t that big of a deal.

The major negative aspect of this film to me was the beginning. After the opening scene we are then immediately sent to a husband and wife who end up talking for about the first 15 minutes of the runtime. I didn’t know who they were the parent of for a decent amount of time until I finally caught on. This could annoy some people as we see them talking, but really have no context as to who they are talking about.

In the end, Hate Crime was a very well-made movie that kept me intrigued throughout. The cast definitely carried the show as they delivered very inspiring and emotional performances. I believe that this is a very important film to see as it connects very closely to our current time. Therefore, I would definitely recommend that you check Hate Crime out when it comes out digitally on September 24.

Rating- 8.5 out of 10 on the scale of awesomeness.

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IT: Chapter 2 (2019) Movie Review

IT: Chapter 2 is the sequel to IT from 2017 and while it does boast some very cool sequences, there are still a lot of problems.

Let’s start off this review by stating the obvious; the cast was phenomenal. Like everyone else is saying, they did a terrific job with casting the adults in the film. The standouts of the film to me were James McAvoy who played Bill and Bill Hader who played Richie. These two characters had the most emotional scenes in the film, and they were both very believable. Bill Hader’s character also brought the vast majority of the comedy. The other adult members of the losers club included Jessica Chastain (Beverly), Isaiah Mustafa (Mike), James Ransone (Eddie), and Jay Ryan (Ben). Each of these cast members also did a good job in their roles in the movie. It is very impressive how they were able to cast this film so perfectly. They really each look like the adult versions of the kids from the previous film. The cast was a huge positive aspect of this film.

The next positive aspect of the film was the ending. Some people have been saying that they were disappointed with the ending, however I was very pleased. I thought that it was much better executed than the 1990 miniseries’ ending. Another positive to the film was the mix of horror, humor, and emotional scenes. To me, this really wasn’t a scary movie at all, and neither was the first one. They do a terrific job of deciding when they need to lighten the tone of the film and when to provide scares. There are some creepy scenes spread throughout the film and I very much appreciated that.

The one mixed aspect of the film to me is the runtime. At 2 hours and 49 minutes, IT: Chapter 2 definitely has some boring moments. This isn’t a negative to me because I didn’t find myself as bored as others have. I thought that it was mostly very entertaining throughout the whole film and I was able to remain invested along the whole ride. However, when a movie is this long it is hard to find times to rewatch it. You really have to be in “the mood” to watch an almost 3 hour long movie so it probably won’t be heavily rewatchable.

The huge negative aspect of this film is that it seemed somewhat sloppily put together and very repetitive. Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing Pennywise going around a terrorizing people. However, at a certain point it does get to a time when you’re just thinking to yourself how many times they are going to do the same thing over again. The movie is basically just a collection of different scenes where we see flashbacks and then the current time. I didn’t find it very appealing to see basically the same thing repeatedly just with a different person. I believe that they could have found a better way to put the whole film together.

In the end, IT: Chapter 2 is still a film that I would recommend if you enjoyed the first one. It has a lot of awesome sequences, however, it did fall a little short of my expectations. I still had a good time with the film, and I think others will as well.

Rating- 7 out of 10 on the scale of awesomeness.

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Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark (2019) Movie Review

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark is a film based off of the books written by Alvin Schwartz. It weaves several stories from the books into the film, however is it effective or not?

I read the books when I was a kid so I was very excited to hear that they were making a movie based on them. I wasn’t sure how they were going to execute it since it is just a plethora of short stories. They decided to go the route of a group of kids finding a book that basically tells their “scary stories”. The main positive aspect of the film is how all of the creatures and monsters look. They didn’t try to change how they looked from the original drawings and I really appreciated that. If you haven’t read the books before then I could see how you would think that the monsters look weird, but if you have read the books then I think you will very much appreciate just how accurate they look. The next positive is that there were some fairly good performances by the children. The two main characters, Stella and Ramón, were played by Zoe Margaret Colletti and Michael Garza. Their performances were by far the best of the group and they were great choices for the lead.

The one mixed aspect that I had with the movie was the execution of the plot. They picked a very simple concept to deliver these stories with the children finding a book. While I think the concept is okay, I don’t think they executed it very well. I found myself constantly waiting for the next monster to be revealed instead of actually being invested in the plot. That was a slight problem for me as they probably could have found a different and better way to deliver the stories.

The main aspect of Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark that I disliked was the ending. They did a terrific job of building up tension, but then at the end that all went away just so they could have a chance for a sequel. I wish that they could have just developed a movie that didn’t need to become a franchise. I would have rather have seen a definitive ending that would have left me satisfied, rather than making me wait another two years for a film that I’m not craving that much. I also had a slight problem with the PG-13 rating of this film. There were some things in this that I could not imagine any kid seeing. There were scenes that were just outright gross so I’m not sure how this didn’t earn an R rating. After watching Annabelle Comes Home earlier this year I was surprised that it had an R rating as I felt a 13 year old kid could have easily watched it. However, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark felt a lot more dark and plainly gross, so I think it had somewhat of an identity crisis in what type of audience it was trying to attract and it probably should have garnered an R rating.

In the end, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark was a very nostalgic film that had some problems. It delivered in some aspects, but definitely disappointed in others. I would still recommend this film to those who have read the books, and even to people who aren’t usually into horror movies.

Rating- 6.5 out of 10 on the scale of awesomeness.

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Pulp Fiction (1994) Movie Review

Pulp Fiction is a film about two hit men who have to retrieve a suitcase that was stolen from their boss. It starts as a smaller scale mission, but then begins to involve more and more people including a boxer that they pay to lose a fight. They then go through a series of many different incidents and problems in order to receive the suitcase. The movie features Samuel L. Jackson, John Travolta, and Bruce Willis.

The main positive of this film is just how the entire story was put together. As Quentin Tarantino usually does, he put parts of the story out of order and then managed to tie it all together in the end. He put it together in a way that made the full 2 hour and 34 minute runtime entertaining and hardly boring. The next huge positive is the cast that they assembled. The movie is littered with great performances specifically from Samuel L. Jackson. His character shines as he shows a full range of emotions and his charm definitely comes through. Really the entire cast did an amazing job and that definitely helped the film in the end. The final positive was that they weren’t afraid to show some gore. There were several scenes with blood just all over the place and instead of taking itself too seriously they then added comedy to those scenes as well. That definitely helped with adding a lighter tone to the film and allowing it to connect to a wide array of audiences.

The only mixed aspect of the film to me is that with it being basically a collection of different scenes it did become a little confusing at times. There were times where I had to rewind just to make sure that I understood everything completely. This isn’t really a huge deal, however it just means that you have to pay close attention to what is going on.

There weren’t really any negative feelings that I had towards Pulp Fiction. Quentin Tarantino crafted a very entertaining and thought provoking movie that had a nice mix of action, drama, and comedy. If you have enjoyed his other movies then I would definitely recommend this one as it is widely recognized as his best.

Rating- 9 out of 10 on the scale of awesomeness.

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Friday the 13th (2009) Movie Review

The 2009 remake of Friday the 13th was directed by Marcus Nispel. To me, this is one of the better film’s in the Friday the 13th franchise and it is also definitely the most unnecessarily hated.

The first positive aspect of this film is the cast. While there were no spectacular performances, the acting was definitely far superior compared to other Friday the 13th films. There were some scenes that had laughable acting, however no where near as many as the original movies. I also really enjoyed seeing Derek Mears as Jason Voorhees. His character specifically faces the most backlash from any of these movies. Everyone states how he isn’t acting how he should be as he is setting traps, kidnapping people, and running around which is unlike the Jason that we know. Personally, I think that they did an amazing job in expanding how Jason acts as he has evolved to become a very smart killer. I don’t understand all of the hate surrounding Jason in this film at all. The movie also featured some pretty good kills. We have mostly seen all of them before, but they weren’t afraid to show some gore. The final positive is that the movie just looks a lot better than all of the previous films. The cinematography was done fairly well, and aesthetically it was just a lot more pleasing to watch than the original films.

The only mixed aspect to this movie for me is that it seemed somewhat too long. Even though it was only 1 hour and 45 minutes I still found myself checking the time. They probably could have cut a good 10 minutes out, but in the end it isn’t a huge deal.

The huge negative to this movie in my opinion is that there is just way too much time spent on sex. I know that it is a Friday the 13th movie, so I did expect for there to be some sex, however it is just constantly presented non-stop. Time after time we just end up seeing people have sex and eventually it just goes too far. I watch movies for an entertaining story, not to see a bunch of people have sex. So that aspect of the film was fairly disappointing to me.

In the end, I don’t really understand why so many people heavily dislike this film. We get to see basically just a new and improved movie with a very menacing Jason who is a lot more violent than in the original films. If you are a fan of the Friday the 13th franchise then I would definitely recommend this movie as long as you don’t write it off before it even starts. It’s not a great movie, but it does offer some good entertainment.

Rating- 6.5 out of 10 on the scale of awesomeness.

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Dragged Across Concrete (2019) Movie Review

Dragged Across Concrete features police partners who are recently suspended for assaulting someone on camera. Without payment while they are suspended they decide to try and earn some easy money. However, while entering this criminal underworld they have to face much tougher obstacles than they ever anticipated.

The film features Mel Gibson as Brett Ridgeman and Vince Vaughn as Anthony Lurasetti. They are police partners in this film and I thought that they both did a pretty terrific job. Mel Gibson’s character is more of the “bad cop” as he is constantly pushing the boundaries to morality. Vince Vaughn’s characters is more along for the ride and he has many more ethical questions to what they are doing throughout the movie. Both of them really delivered realistic performances as at times you really understood why they were doing what they were doing. There were several times in the film where it was just them talking for about 5 minutes straight, and while those sequences are usually boring, they delivered it in a way that still made it entertaining. The other main character in the film was Henry Johns played by Tory Kittles. He isn’t as featured in the movie, however his character has major importance as he becomes more prominent towards the end. I wish his character could have been given more time on the screen, but for what he was given he did a good job.

The main element that I enjoyed about Dragged Across Concrete was just how well it was shot. The cinematography was absolutely amazing as each scene was crafted with great detail and care. Towards the end of the film there are some really cool sequences where it was just filmed amazingly. Another major positive of this film was that it didn’t really try to be like other movies. Sure, it used a plot that we have mainly seen before, however it took it in different directions and it wasn’t afraid to go even darker than usual. I like how serious the film took itself and it made for a very realistic story. The last hour or so of the movie was also expertly done. It gradually added more action and violence until the ending which I very much enjoyed.

The main element that I disliked about this movie was the length. At 2 hours and 39 minutes there were obviously some sequences that became boring. While I didn’t feel like it was outrageously too long, I still think that there could have been at least 15 minutes taken out. There were so many sequences of them just sitting there for over 20 seconds and those scenes could have definitely been cut down.

In the end, I had a pretty good time with Dragged Across Concrete. Mel Gibson and Vince Vaughn definitely work well together as police partners. The movie was a little too long, but I would still recommend that you see it.

Rating- 8 out of 10 on the scale of awesomeness.

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